RKF Luxury Linen collaborates with CODAGE Paris, a Contemporary Apothecary.

CODAGE is a French cosmetic brand founded in 2010 by Julien and Amandine Azencott, a brother and sister, who grew up within a family of doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists. When they were young, they used to already enjoy concocting magic potions in the back room of their uncle’s pharmacy. Many years later and after having worked for some major cosmetic companies, they went on to develop skincare collections for dermatologists in the United States before finally creating their own brand. At the heart of their expertise are serums. Their fluid galenic provides a very high concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis.
The formulation of each serum is composed of a combination of unique Nutri-Elements (cocktails of 2 to 3 ingredients with a synergetic effect), which are chosen and measured out with care to constitute a code or “codage” in French. Their packaging is instructional and clearly describes the composition of the products. This makes it easy to “decode” each formula and guarantees complete transparency regarding the client’s choice of active ingredients. This philosophy of personalization instantly appealed to RKF Luxury Linen, creator of the finest linen for spas and cosmetic brands. RKF is delighted to collaborate with these ‘contemporary apothecaries’ and has designed a linen range for the flagship of the brand, called “Maison CODAGE” in the heart of Paris. The line is understated, fine & elegant, just like the CODAGE image. From the beginning of 2020, it will be possible to discover and experience a CODAGE treatment, while curling up in a comfortable & soft Dreamsoft® sheet made by RKF Luxury Linen. In the near future, the aim is to use the fine linen in all CODAGE partner properties in Mykonos, Ibiza, New-York, Texas, Aspen, Washington, Wellington, Paris, Courchevel, Bali, ….

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