RKF Patents

Our company values are proximity, responsiveness and flexibility. RKF can answer each client’s request thanks to our unique expertise in textiles, an in-house design team and a large range of fabrics. Among this range, the three key fabrics developed and patented are:


A double-sided fabric, one side for softness and the other for absorption. A product that cuts maintenance costs by 50% thanks to its lightness. This is the fabric that earmarked our success; a reference setting the standards in terms of elegance and comfort.


A new material launched in 2018, this fabric is 5 times more absorbent than classic terry and its lifespan is 17 times higher. This fabric was recognized at the ESPA Awards as an innovative spa concept.


Another new material with a peach-skin feel producing soft, light and easy-care fabric. This is a reliable alternative thanks to its rapid drying and attractive price.


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