French Maison

The fabulous story of the House of RKF began several decades ago when Riadh Bouaziz started making a name for himself in the design and manufacture of household linen for luxury spas and hotels. Originally from Sfax in Tunisia, his passion for the magical worlds of fashion and hospitality was sparked at an early age. He decided to transform the traditional textile industry by designing bespoke creations of the highest quality that would be unique to each brand for both hotels and spas. Our vision is to bring the experience of “luxury” to linen, something that was, until now, non-existent within major hotels.
To ensure growth, we rely on the know-how of our workforce. Although our company is relatively young, it readily reminds us that we have inherited craftsmanship whose roots date back to 1834. The client relationship is also carefully nurtured. We do not limit ourselves to providing prestigious clients with impeccable quality bathrobes, bedding, tablecloths and other dressings for massage tables. We build a longstanding relationship by advising and accompanying our clients, so their projects generate added value.

RKF’s international reknown and presence in the most beautiful Palace hotels is in part due to our French signature. Unlike other players in the global textile market, we, the House of RKF, focused, right from the very beginning, on the quality of our offering and ‘Made in France’ products that adhere to a sense of ethics.
This strong added value combines the wealth of craft production techniques with technologies at the service of even more innovative and respectful, lighter weight and softer textiles. The creation of Haute-Couture linen items draws inspiration from the History of France, the cradle of fashion, and from the History of Art. The elegance, originality and comfort of our products embody the true “French Art of Living” that is highly coveted by the international clientele. RKF has carved out a leading position in the design and manufacture of household linen for luxury hotels and the beauty & wellness industry.
Innovation and Haute-Couture are the two fundamentals defining our DNA.


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