Innovation, sophisticated and bespoke products…
proudly bearing a distinct French touch.

The « SIGNATURE by RKF » range uniquely showcases the creativity and innovative spirit of the French brand and its partners worldwide.

Bespoke textile items for prestigious skincare brands, capsule collections, exclusive technical innovations, event projects… Browse through all of these possibilities as you please to find the project that reflects who you are or the exclusive product that you need.

Enter the wonderful world of textile emotions !

Bespoke collections

for skincare brands

The bathrobe

as a fashion statement

Dog Collection

by Hope Charrier

Bespoke collections

for the hotel industry (Dior, interior design solutions-trend office…)

Exclusive creations

for celebrities and public figures

Massage Expert

by Isabelle Trombert

Textile solutions

for customer loyalty

The world

of villas, yachts, jets and golf clubs