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The « ESSENTIELS by RKF » range is designed to help hotel, restaurant and beauty professionals easily attain the gold standard for linen.


by RKF


by RKF


by RKF

We draw our inspiration from the concept of luxury hospitality in its true, quintessentially French sense. Our partners around the globe all have specific requirements that we meet by combining practicality, ergonomics, attractive prices, maximal linen life span and best practices for laundry care…

With the « ESSENTIALS by RKF » range, reduce your operating costs while delivering premium quality and service.

Created by textile professionals for hoteliers, this range will streamline the way that your teams work. Our ambition is to optimize linen management to free up time, energy and money so you can be entirely focused on your clients.

Hotels, spas, restaurants, yachts, golf clubs… RKF Luxury Linen provides textile products that add exceptional value to the client experience. The « ESSENTIALS by RKF » range achieves this by combining timeless elegance with sensual textures and impeccable finishings.

This is our pledge of textile expertise at the service of your brand image.